Living in an era where each industry should do their bit to protect our precious environment – The Hair Firm is proud to support and represent the following companies who are leaders in sustainability in the haircare industry. From water saving devices, energy efficient products and recyclable products to products that ensure customer comfort and OHS salon regulations. The below brands are proudly environmentally friendly and are helping to secure a sustainable future for all. The Hair Firm proudly recommends innovative and greener alternatives to all our valued clients.


EcoHead is an innovative brand with a vision for the future. Saving water and energy by reducing usage by 313 bottle of water per chair, per day. Double the pressure with easy rinsing. Soft water for an amazing customer experience and clean water for better results.


Refoil is a range of professional-grade salon foils made exclusively from pure, contaminant-free recycled aluminium. Coming in a wide variety of sizes and pack options, including pre-cuts, classic and catering rolls, Refoil’s premium-quality aluminium foils are perfect for colourists who care about their clients and the environment.

Australia’s hairdressers throw away one million kilos of foil every year. That’s 10,000 tonnes of virgin aluminium going straight to landfill, at a massive cost to the environment. Refoil can help put an end to this. Manufacture of Refoil products uses a fraction of the energy needed to produce raw aluminium, and it cuts the need for destructive open-cast mining that damages our lovely landscape. All Refoil products are also infinitely recyclable.


Easydry is a new-generation textile, an innovative and highly functional drying material that guarantees complete hygiene and environmental sustainability. Made from natural fibres, Easydry is the new alternative to outdated cotton towels and laundry systems.

Made from pure wood fibres, Easydry eco-towels are manufactured using eco-friendly materials and processes such as recycled water and solar energy, and contain no pesticide-hungry cotton or eco-disastrous plastic. They will biodegrade within 12 weeks and are 100% recyclable. Every Easydry product is incredibly hygienic, soft and super-absorbent. No bleach is used to create the pure white towel, while the dye used for the jet black towel is non-hazardous and non-toxic. The Easydry range includes a variety of towels from small hand & facial towels, short hair towels, regular hairdressing towels and shoulder capes to bed roll covers, gym towels and full size bath towels.


Available in Small, Medium, Large and X Large

Eco-friendly, Strong & Bio-degradable


Biodegradable colour remover wipes.

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